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Both teams had issues during service; the popularity of the Green Team's Churros meant they ran out quickly, and the Red Team served some raw chicken.

Marco Pierre White recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara

Re-invention Elimination Challenge: French Dishes — The eight contestants faced a re-invention test set by series 1 contestant Justine Schofield: they had 90 minutes to put a modern spin on one of the classic French dishes by knife pull, Duck a l'Orange. Ultimately, the lack of orange flavour did not meet the brief of re-inventing the Duck a l'Orange and it was enough for Ava to be eliminated.

John again won the advantage in the Invention Test set by Curtis Stone , and from a choice of seasonal vegetables picked pomegranate over pumpkin and beetroot. Working in teams of three to cook a sweet and savoury dish with 60 minutes, it was Jacqui, Jessica and Matthew's dishes that impressed the judges and made them the Top 3. Ashleigh, Anna and Billie failed to deliver enough flavour of pomegranate and were sent to elimination.

Billie won praise for the quality of her dish, with Marcus especially impressed with her skills in the kitchen. Both Ashleigh and Anna struggled during the challenge, having undercooked veal kidneys in their dishes. But it was Anna who overcooked her veal ribs and forgot to glaze it that left her eliminated. Immunity Challenge: Nick Holloway — In the first round, Jacqui, Jessica and Matthew faced a plating challenge: using prepared ingredients and four minutes to plate a Press Club dish in a modern way. Both Matthew and Jacqui forgot to plate some elements, handing Jessica the win, and the chance for immunity against chef Nick Holloway.

She picked the food pantry of tiny ingredients over big and with 75 minutes, cooked Pan Roasted and Confit Quail, Pumpkin, Carrot and Mandarin. Nick's dish of Autumn Fruit Poached Quail with Candied Grape, Radish and Fennel was universally praised for its depth and balance of flavours, and while Jessica's dish was also met with rapturous admiration, it was slightly less impressive and she lost to Nick, 28 points to Italian Team Challenge — Teams had to cook an Italian three-course lunch for 40 guests each at Pizzini Wines in the King Valley: each team having to use a different local wine in each of their dishes.

With three hours of preparation and having to collect their choice of protein from local farms, The Red Team fell behind early, as it took them the longest time to get their protein. Both teams had problems with the accompaniment with their main course, but both produced outstanding desserts. Ultimately, the decision on a winner was so tight, with the judges saying it was almost a tie.

It came down to small details and because of the perfectly cooked chicken from the Blue Team, it was the Red Team sent to elimination. Mystery Box Elimination Challenge — Contestants faced a three-round Mystery Box Elimination Challenge with a twist: given 30 minutes per round and only the ingredients in their box and the usual staple ingredients to make potentially three dishes. In the first round, Georgia and Matthew were the two best performers, with Billie and Jamie declared safe in the second, leaving Ashleigh, Jacqui and Stephen in the final elimination round.

It came down to Stephen and Jacqui and it was the latter whose overcooked scampi and undercooked pasta sealed her elimination. Despite fierce competition from Ashleigh, Matthew and Reynold, it was Jessie who brought the judges one of the best desserts they'd eaten in the MasterChef kitchen.

Her reward was a minute head-start in an Invention Test in which every contestant could pick their own core ingredient and had to cook it in three different ways. The Power Apron will now be passed to the next contestant who excelled in the following challenges. Four contestants will be chosen for guaranteed immunity with the Power Apron will be given for the winning dish. Amy left off her third element in her duck dish that put her at risk of being sent to the Pressure Test but the judging was turned in her favour when Matthew, Stephen and Jamie produced dishes with technical errors and found themselves in elimination.

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In possession of the Power Apron, Reynold picked chicken over beef as the main protein that Jamie, Stephen, and Matthew had to cook with. Matthew decided to keep it simple and his Macadamia-stuffed Chicken Roulade with Pommes Dauphine was declared the stand-out dish. Although Stephen's gravy was criticised for being too condensed by fat and the skin of his chicken too rubbery, one of Jamie's Chicken Roulade dishes was overcooked and his roasted potatoes lacked execution.

In a split-decision verdict for one of them to be safe, the final vote based on the cooking of the protein was given to Stephen and Jamie was eliminated from the competition. Three-Round Duel Immunity Challenge — Billie, Jessie, Reynold and Sara cooked off for guaranteed immunity and the Power Apron in a duel-based challenge: contestants would face each other in three rounds, one vs.